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As we mentioned in the other pages, Celtic and Druid magic were closely tied to nature, precisely because of that the amulets Druids are basically made of wood of different trees, each with properties and characteristics, and also with a great variety of plants.
Let's see!!

hojas abedul

Bosque abedules


From the bark of birch and willow is extracted the acetylsalicylic acid , or better known as "aspirin. " The Druids knew about their properties and used it for his potions and medicines.

It is the first symbol (tree) in the alphabet ógmico, and is used as a symbol of a new awakening, growth, fertility, and earnings. Is tradition in Pembrokeshire, (United Kingdom), a young delivery to his beloved a piece of birch as a symbol of bravado, saying "Now you can start" or a piece of Almond "Be wise and desist. " The birch tree is very abundant in northern Europe, notably in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Amulets made with pieces of birch ensure good health and well-away from depression and sadness.

Birch leaves crushed to powdered and kept in a cloth bag that is carried in a pocket or purse, avoid situations that can boot tears of sorrow. Birch bark also serves this purpose, if it is carved into their own hands and drawing up a pendant or a charm is made by cutting a piece and kept inside a small cloth bag that always has to bring those wishing to enjoy protection.





Has the gift to enhance fertility in both humans and animals. Spruce sheet that will be used as an amulet should be plucked from the tree by the person who needs it, and should be kept in the portfolio, although dry to produce its effect.




Due to its resistance to water was used for the manufacture of millstones, gates waterways and milking buckets. A variety of dyes were obtained from this tree, red bark, green flowers, brown of their fruits. In the alphabet of the trees considered Druidic origin, the letter 'F' connected with Bran (god) holds the fourth place, with its tree referent the Alder.
Considered sacred by the belief in their 'bleeding' to be felled, the wood of this tree was used by Bran 'The One' to build the pillars of a bridge built from Wales to Ireland to mark the rescue of his sister Branwen.
This tree is special among the magicians, because here was removed the wood to make wands. Some of its properties are: avoiding the evil eye, evil away, warns against unexpected, helps defend against enemies, fosters insight, and liven up the intelligence.
For this amulet to be effective must be obtained a piece of alder wood and a bark. Save them together in a red small cloth bag, which must be sewn with thread or yarn and always carry.




Promotes emotional relationships, the emotional ties, and the triumph of love, but is only effective in men. The man who wishes to attain the love of a woman or has a relationship that should be considered important, he must take into their own hands a sprig of almond, remove the leaves, cutting a piece of the trunk and bring in a pocket.




It has always been associated with Wisdom, Secret Knowledge, Inspiration and Divination. So in the old Scottish song "The Song of the Wandering Angus" we can appreciate: "I went into the hazel wood, because he had fire in my head. "
Hazel rods were used in the search for metals, and ground water.
Scepters used by the druids (as well as those used later by the Catholic bishops) were all made from hazel tree.
It is a shrub valued for its high energy content. A piece of wood of the hazel is an excellent spell to keep the peace and warding off the redencillas.
Maintains the harmony and avoid unpleasant surprises at home. In homes with garden ideal is to have one of these shrubs near the door. For flats and apartments have to take a piece of hazel wood and wrap one end with a paper that must have been written in full, the address of the home you expected protection. With the free end, is placed outside, somewhere in the balcony for example.
To exercise its protection is important put it near the number that identifies the house.



This tree protects the home from theft, robbery, violent assault and arson, as well as floods, hurricanes and storms. For persons safeguards from thieves and murderers.
Pick a leaf with their own hands, and prick with a pin of silver. This amulet is worn on the underwear, pocket or purse.

Chopo negro o Endrino



This tree was used in the construction of cudgels (rods), the mythical "shelailighs" or walking sticks.

Witches also used a rod of blackthorn, which inspired fear and respect.
For Britons, the blackthorn in flower is considered the "Mother of the Forest. "
Flowering has a strong fragrance and powerful, with points of musty and vaguely erotic. The fruits (sloes or slaes) when ripe, become tolerable to the taste, and produce a very strong distillate known as "sloe gin".

cudgels - bastones


Common and in the 7000-6000 BC This tree was particularly sacred to the Norse. During the festival of Beltaine, burning bushes or vines were removed from the ritual fire to scatter them to ensure in their future fertility fields, alternating with branches of Hawthorn.
The hawthorn was planted around the graves of important people. There is a belief that some wishes can come true if a piece of your cloth is hung from its branches.



The ash tree is a famous by eliminating evil influences if planted at the entrance of the house. The whip made with this tree is the only that can control the frenzied horses.

The strong, straight branches of Fresno, were used to make spears, oars, poles, fences, handles of weapons and tools, furniture, and some boats.
Religious connotations as Druidic rod (have been found in Anglesey pieces with spiral decorations).


Flor manzano


The apple tree has enjoyed religious importance since ancient times, as evidenced by the fact that his name is similar in most Indo-European languages.
A winter ritual of fertility is linked with the Wassailing Apple, in the tradition of Cornwall.





The practice of kissing under the mistletoe is only a distant echo of their associations with fertility, its translucent white berries are considered the semen of Lord of the Forest.
Of particular importance is Its fruit picking (held by the Druids) over a large fertility ritual at the shade of the oaks, in which this parasitic plant.It is said that due to this pagan reason, the church does not allow this plant in the churches for Christmas celebrations.




King of all trees, deserves great respect for the Celts. Along with the Yew is considered the oldest. For the Druids was the sacred tree, its leaves, berries, and branches were used in the rituals.
It is sacred to several of the most important male gods, Dagda, Lugh, especially as Lord of the Forest, was closely linked to the figure of the god Cernunnos.
In the oak mistletoe grows, curative plant revered by the Druids.

During the time of Lammas (Lughnasadh) oak produces prominent young shoots, known as Lammas shoots.
The old oak was also used as a meeting point with loved magical.
Being one of the trees of greater religious significance to the Celts, it is not surprising that many monasteries (eg St. Kentigern, St. Colum Cille, St Bridget) are been built on sacred sites occupied by oaks.

Hojas de roble



It is used for making baskets, support of roofs thatched or leaves, and fences.
In the past the trunk was undermined for the construction of the box of the "Gaelic harp".
It is said that witches flew on willow baskets during lunar rituals



The elder has both positive and negative associations in the Celtic tradition. But even taking into account these things, the elder may have a bivalent nature, by the aroma, the nasty green powder that covers the branches, it is not welcome, however we can ask to receive its bless. The elder flowers and fruits have always been famous for its therapeutic properties. His name means fire, because its hollow branches were used for make fire.
The Elder tree was a tree sacred to the Druids. They used to bless the unions of couples under this tree and it was customary to introduce newborns to the Elder, to the Mother Goddess to recognize them as friendly forest creatures and gives them his blessing.
In Europe, the elder enjoyed fame as home of the fairies. For this reason,before cutting a branch of elder, recited prayers and apologies to appease the elves who lived in the tree.



The yew wood was used for the ogham sticks by his long service life. It also has associations with death and the afterlife from a positive standpoint.
Some ancient Celtic warriors ate their leaves before falling into enemy hands, they will not only caused death, but also the rigidity of some facial muscles, so at the end, the victors only found dead bodies with sardonic smile!! In conclusion: these Celts laughed at them even after death.
In Britain it is said that the roots of this tree when it grows in cemeteries can reach the mouth of the deceased.

Fruto del Tejo

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